Must run. Must paint. Repeat.

After a long hiatus from consistent exercise and creative pursuits, I started running and painting again in January of 2016. Somehow, for me, these two things have always gone hand in hand. I never considered myself a 'runner' but I’ve always been fit, and would run without much effort from time to time. Similarly I never would allow myself to say “I am a painter” although I have painted off and on for years… no... actually, my whole life. So why is it that I couldn’t call myself an artist? More on that later. For now, my reboot story:

During Christmas break of 2015, I decided to train for a race in the Methow Valley. I organized a team of amazing women and found a trainer who helped put it all in perspective; who truly felt the potential had. I worked hard, through shin splints, achy muscles, exhaustion, and crappy weather (nothing like starting training for a race in the winter in the Pacific Northwest).  Concurrently I found an online art class taught by Lisa Congdon, called none other than "I Am An Artist". I debated whether or not to do this, and at the 11th hour, I signed up. I am so glad I did! Not only did Lisa debunk my feelings of the ways I am NOT an artist, but through her leadership I created a manifesto for myself and my art, I allowed myself to paint regularly by making it a priority, and I met a fantastic group of artists, worldwide, who continue to feed me daily via Instagram and Facebook.

So, how’d the race go? I ran with my friends over Mothers’ Day weekend, in May. I enjoyed the run immensely and ended up with a personal best time that truly surprised me. Needless to say, I was pleased. 

How’s the painting? I am painting in many mediums now, sharing with family and friends as much as I can and have two paintings in a show in August in Seattle. I have created a body of work I am proud of and have a zillion more ideas in the works. 

And I’m training for my next race… so stay tuned!